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Great Guest Interviews has what you are looking for! Captivating expert guests that audiences love weighing in on topics including Finance, Diversity, Marketing, Sales, Health & Fitness, and Education. Our guests capture your audience’s attention with their energy and enthusiasm and make those phone ring! When you are looking for that next Great Guest to book for your show, let Great Guest Interviews put you directly in touch with the prefect guest for your show!

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C. Hope Finchbaugh

Author of:
• Spiritually Parenting Your Preschooler
• Daughter of China
Contributing Writer for:
• Christianity Today
• Charisma
• Focus on the Family
• World Christian
• Campus Life
• Brio
• Breakaway
• Clubhouse
• Clubhouse Jr.


To help parents learn to balance both spiritual and natural responsibilities to their children and empower them towards their destiny, C. Hope Flinchbaugh, noted author and writer, explains the nuts-and-bolts of spiritual child development in her Charisma House release Spiritually Parenting Your Preschooler.

Written in an honest, straightforward style, Flinchbaugh faces head-on some of the toughest issues parents of preschoolers encounter with sound biblical answers. She states, "If 75 percent of a child's character and personality will be developed by age five, we have a lot of work ahead of us...Most parents have high hopes of seeing their child succeed in athletics, academics or music. Those things are useful, but knowing how to live life in fellowship with the Spirit is the most beneficial capability that any child can possess."

In an age where one-parent families are the norm, many single or divorced parents are also looking for ways to impart faith in their children similar to their married counterparts. Flinchbaugh states, "Every parent needs someone to whom she or he can talk about parenting...sometimes single parents think, this is my responsibility or this is my lot in life. But remember that you are teaming with God...Don't allow your preschooler to be a prize to be given or taken away based on the absent parent's behavior."

Spiritually Parenting Your preschooler also addresses the power of television images, sibling rivalry and whether spanking will or will not harm a child, in addition to tips on nurturing a child's faith.

A recent study from the Barna Reseach Group found that parents typically have no plan for the spiritual development of their children, or have little or no training in how to cultivate a child's faith. Flinchbaugh, a mother of three, offers vignettes from her own life as tips to help parents grow into the ever-changing role of parenthood.

Interview topics include: Win the Two-Year-Old "No-No War”; Raising Your Child Alone; Selecting the School That is Right for Your Child; Build Christ Esteem in Your Adopted Child; Hear Your Child Pray, Expecting Answers...and Then See The Miracles!

To book this guest contact:
Woodley Auguste - , 407-333-0600 ext. 1443

Joy Miller, Ph.D.

Author of:
• Love Carried Me Home: Women Surviving Auschwitz
• My Holding You Up is Holding Me Back
• Celebrations for Your Inner Child
• Following the Yellow Brick Road: The Adult Child’s Personal Journey Through Oz


Joy is an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, professional trainer and author. She is an Illinois state Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor as well as a Certified Master Addictions Counselor. Additionally, Dr. Miller is a part-time instructor at Bradley University teaching in the Graduate ELH program. Dr. Miller is a frequent expert guest on national television and her works have been featured in numerous national magazines and over 30 newspapers nationwide.

What Joy Erlichman Miller sets out to do in Love Carried Me Home: Women Surviving Auschwitz (Simcha Press/HCI $11.95) is a landmark task: Giving a voice to the female experience which is so often “blended” into the existing Holocaust literature as well as exposing the coping strategies these women used to keep themselves alive during this atrocious period in history. Dr. Miller studies sixteen women, and shares with us their heartfelt testimonies as they tell us what it was like to live through the hell of the Holocaust.

Interview Topics: Life Changing Skills; Coping Mechanisms for Survival
During These Turbulent Times; My Holding You Up is Holding Me Back;
Amazing Stories of Women in the Holocaust; Celebrations of Your Inner

To book this guest contact:, 309.693.8200

Victoria Johnson

Author of:
• Body Revival
• Quick Start Program
• Control your L.B.S.

Producer and Star of:
• Victoria’s Body Shoppe
• 24 Dance Exercise Videos


Victoria Johnson, producer of 24 fitness videos, star of Victoria's Body Shoppe, and author of Body Revival, Mind, Body and Spiritual Transformation is the straight talking voice of America who is not afraid to tell the truth about obesity in America.
As Victoria says: "We are the most prosperous nation on the planet, we have a surplus of food in America, and we spend the most money teaching ourselves how not to eat it!"

"People say, ‘this is just who I am’, the size of your body is not who you are, it’s what you ate!"

Victoria is HIGH ENERGY, Enthusiastic and Funny! “Whenever we have Victoria on our show, the phones light up!” says one program director.

In Body Revival Victoria recounts her personal story of victory over eating disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes and chronicles the "Body Revivals" of several of her clients from all age groups and walks of life.

Sue - executive, released over 66 lbs. while dealing with menopause
Suzanne - teenager, lost 60 pounds and overcame self image problems
Angie - wife and mother, dropped 45 pounds gained self confidence
Laura - college student, overcame anorexia, broke free from eating disorder

When you are ready for someone to tell the truth about our overweight nation on your program call and book Victoria, your audience will love it!

Interview topics include: Body Revival Stamps Out Dangerous Diets; Dying to Win/Aneroxia; Exercise Lies; Motivational Madness; Nutritional Nightmare; Overcoming Racism in Fitness & Health; Attitude of Defeat.

To book this guest contact:, 503-697-1088

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