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Great Guest Interviews has what you are looking for! Captivating expert guests that audiences love weighing in on topics including Finance, Diversity, Marketing, Sales, Health & Fitness, and Education. Our guests capture your audience’s attention with their energy and enthusiasm and make those phone ring! When you are looking for that next Great Guest to book for your show, let Great Guest Interviews put you directly in touch with the prefect guest for your show!

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Sunny Kobe Cook

Author of:
• COMMON THINGS Uncommon Ways

Founder of:
• Sleep Country USA

Sunny Kobe Cook began her career as a secretary and gained popularity with the company she founded in 1991, Sleep Country USA. She served as the company spokesperson in both radio and television advertisements for many years. During that time, she was named Inc. Magazine’s Northwest Woman Entrepreneur of the Year along with numerous other business and corporate good citizen awards. She was featured on the cover of Washington CEO magazine when her company was the first retailer to ever be recognized as “Best Place to Work”.

Selling her company in February 2000 gave her the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream. Sunny’s first book, “COMMON THINGS Uncommon Ways”. There she shares with other business people proven ways to improve any business through employee recognition and motivation.

She is also well known for her relationships with many area charities. She also established the Kobe Foundation. This private, charitable foundation in her family name makes grants targeted at expanding the education of our youth beyond the scope of the classroom.

Sunny is a popular speaker sharing with other business people what really motivates employees... and it’s Not what you think!

Interview Topics: Employee Motivation; Inexpensive (or FREE) Things You Can Do Today, Improve Customer Service, Build Loyalty, Create Competitive Advantage, Improve Performance, Simple Practical Business Building Secrets.

To book this guest contact:, 206-932-5814

Victoria Johnson

Author of:
• Body Revival
• Quick Start Program
• Control your L.B.S.

Producer and Star of:
• Victoria’s Body Shoppe
• 24 Dance Exercise Videos


Victoria Johnson, producer of 24 fitness videos, star of Victoria's Body Shoppe, and author of Body Revival, Mind, Body and Spiritual Transformation is the straight talking voice of America who is not afraid to tell the truth about obesity in America.
As Victoria says: "We are the most prosperous nation on the planet, we have a surplus of food in America, and we spend the most money teaching ourselves how not to eat it!"

"People say, ‘this is just who I am’, the size of your body is not who you are, it’s what you ate!"

Victoria is HIGH ENERGY, Enthusiastic and Funny! “Whenever we have Victoria on our show, the phones light up!” says one program director.

In Body Revival Victoria recounts her personal story of victory over eating disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes and chronicles the "Body Revivals" of several of her clients from all age groups and walks of life.

Sue - executive, released over 66 lbs. while dealing with menopause
Suzanne - teenager, lost 60 pounds and overcame self image problems
Angie - wife and mother, dropped 45 pounds gained self confidence
Laura - college student, overcame anorexia, broke free from eating disorder

When you are ready for someone to tell the truth about our overweight nation on your program call and book Victoria, your audience will love it!

Interview topics include: Body Revival Stamps Out Dangerous Diets; Dying to Win/Aneroxia; Exercise Lies; Motivational Madness; Nutritional Nightmare; Overcoming Racism in Fitness & Health; Attitude of Defeat.

To book this guest contact:, 503-697-1088

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