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Sean Barker

Author of:
Dad Fitness

• Proud and Busy Dad of daughter Matea
• Runner-up in AST Sports Science World Championships
• Bodybuilding Competitor
• Certified Personal Trainer


Overweight dads everywhere are finally losing that beer belly with just 3 short workouts a week. Busy dads are using the innovative exercise methods in Dad Fitness to cut back on their workout time, boost their metabolism, and help them lose inches and fit back into their old clothes.

As more dads find themselves crunched for time between family and work, they are also noticing their increasing waistline. Finally a solution has been found to provide busy dads with an effective exercise system to burn off that excess belly fat with just 3 workouts a week. Until now, spending hours in the gym to build muscle and doing long boring cardio workouts to burn fat have been the only option for men looking to lose those excess pounds and get in shape. While these methods do provide some results, for busy dads, spending hours slaving in the gym is just not an option.

Sean Barker, a certified personal trainer, and more importantly a brand new dad, created the Dad Fitness system. With little time to workout like he once did Sean wanted to give busy dads everywhere an easy way to lose unwanted bodyfat, build lean muscle and eat healthy great tasting foods. It worked wonders for him, and has worked wonders for other dads looking to lose that belly blubber once and for all. With the Dad Fitness unique workout plan, no longer do they need to spend hours everyday working out to see results. The Dad Fitness workouts were specifically designed to build muscle and burn excess bodyfat in the same workout. Giving you fast results and more time to spend with your family and friends.

Sean has been living and breathing health and fitness for the last 15 years. At the young age of 23 Sean competed in his first bodybuilding contest as well as placing runner-up in the 2001 AST Sports Science World Championship Transformation Challenge. He received an endorsement contract from AST Sports Science and appeared in High Performance Muscle Magazine. Sean has been relentless with respect to increasing his knowledge and practical experience within the specialties of training and nutrition--and for one reason--to assist others in discovering and achieving their true physical potential.

Sean is also a Certified Personal Trainer and a proud and busy Dad. He has appeared on health and fitness radio shows and is affiliated with the top trainers in the industry. His popular Dad Fitness workouts have helped Dads around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 3 hours per week!

After hundreds of hours of research combined with his years of experience training in the remote Canadian North with world-class weight lifters, he created his highly effective Dad Fitness workouts that incinerates body fat and builds rock hard muscle with only 3 short workouts a week. is helping busy dads everywhere get the body they deserve in the shortest amount of time.

Interview Topics: Fitness for busy dads, Building muscle, losing fat, Ripped abs for dads, quick workouts anytime anywhere, bodybuilding, healthy eating

To book this guest contact:
Sean Barker: 1-800-571-4198 or visit

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