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Michelle Adams

Author of:
• Conversations on the Ark
• Sister for Sale
• Why I Love You, God
• Little Lessons from a Big God
• Living the Love Chapter
• United We Stand: Real Kid Heroes


Award-winning writer Michelle Medlock Adams not only juggles a successful writing career, she also manages to be a wife and mother.
When she was working as a reporter for a daily newspaper, she went to work before her little girls were awake, and came home just in time to see them 30 minutes before bedtime. Finally, she realized the money just wasn't worth it. Sure, she and her husband needed her income to make ends meet, but she wasn't willing to do that at the expense of her children. That's when she discovered one of the best-kept secrets--freelance writing. Gradually, she built a freelance writing career--writing for newspapers and magazines around the country. Then she began writing for online publications, and eventually dove into book writing.

Now, thousands of articles and 15 books later, she will make more than twice what she made as a fulltime reporter--and she writes at home in her bunny slippers. Even if you aren't a "professional writer," you can make money as a freelancer.

Michelle teaches "Making it as a freelance writer" at writing conferences around the country. Your listeners will be challenged to awaken the writer within them after hearing Michelle's tips for successful freelancing from home. Whether they want to supplement their existing income or work from home--Michelle's tips will put them on the road to success.

Here's what Denise of Spirit 95 FM Radio in Bloomington, Ind., had to say: "Michelle Adams had a connection to our listening area and had a great draw for our listeners. We had one lady call in just because she heard our interview with Michelle. Speaking with her gave me hope for my own dreams that God has planted in me, and I have personally sought out her books."

Interview Topics: Freelance WritingSecrets; Breaking Into the Writing Field; How to Start Your Writing Career; Making a Living Freelance Writing.

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