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John Capouya

Author of:
• Real Men Do Yoga
Deputy editor of:
• Smart Money magazine
Former editor of:
• the "Sunday Styles" section - NY Times
Former editor of:
• Pro Magazine


Yes, Real Men Do Yoga—including some of America's greatest athletes!
"Yoga has made my entire body more flexible, I'm stronger in my upper body, and I'm living proof that yoga prevents injuries.'' -Eddie George, Heisman Trophy winner, NFL running back

"I've been doing yoga since 1995, and I practice my breathing and focusing exercises before every game.'' - Kevin Garnett, NBA superstar

"In sports, you need balance, strength and flexibility, and yoga helps so much in each of those areas. It's definitely been a huge part of my success.'' -Sean Burke, NHL All-Star goaltender

For these athletes, yoga is the key to peak performance. But you don't have to be a world-class athlete or even a weekend warrior to benefit. Yoga is also the perfect exercise for guys who spend more time on the computer than they do running marathons.

This book's efficient, effective yoga routines target specific areas, including abs, legs and arms. The language is clear and straightforward-no weird yoga jargon, New Age philosophy, or Sanskrit names.

This is a man's approach to yoga that will super-charge your performance, whether your game is golf, running, biking, tennis, basketball, skiing, swimming, or just spending some quality time with your spouse.

So stop stalling and find out today why 3.5 million real men, men like All Star pitcher Barry Zito, are already working out with yoga--and why you (or the man in your life) should be, too.

"Flexibility is the most important thing for a golfer. The yoga stretches made my swing longer-there's no question about it. The added range of motion enabled me to get a better turn and power through the ball.''
--J.L. Lewis, PGA Tour

Interview Topics: Why 3.5 Million Men are Doing Yoga; Improve Your Flexibility; Super Charge Your Sex Life; Improve Your Golf Game; The Moves That make Weekend Warriors and Super Athletes Become Better Athletes; Better Workers and Better Lovers.

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Kim Weiss - , 800-851-9100 ext. 212

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