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Greggory Jantz, Ph.D.

Author of:
• Hope, Help and Healing for Eating Disorders
• Hidden Dangers of the Internet
• Spiritual Path to Weight Loss
• Turning the Tables on Gambling
• Too Close to the Flame
• Becoming Strong Again
• 21 Days To Better Eating
• Losing Weight Permanently
• Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse


Today, more than ever, people long to hear the voice of hope, and that is precisely what Dr. Gregory Jantz represents to thousands. Audiences know him through his books, his radio and television appearances, and his high-energy platform presentations. His sensitive, humorous, authoritative, and down-to-earth style informs and inspires. His life-affirming message gives individuals and corporate clients a changed perspective and the tools to fine-tune today’s most challenging issues.

His inclusive vision underscores everything he does, such as: The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc., a highly-regarded mental health and chemical dependency treatment agency with three clinics in the Seattle area, which he founded and directs; ground breaking books and audio cassette programs on topics including emotional abuse, eating disorders, weight loss, burnout, and sexual boundaries.

Dr. Jantz’s “whole-person” approach is at the core of his wide audience appeal and the high level of transformation he inspires. He believes that every human being is a constellation of emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual dimensions operating within the context of circumstance. By addressing and engaging each element, the entire person can emerge as a whole and healed human being.
Gregg Jantz is that rare presenter who keeps his audience spell-bound, speaking with the effortless grace of a true healer, and the warmth, wit, and wisdom of a natural-born storyteller.

Interview topics include: Depression, Becoming Strong Again; Regain Your
Emotional Health; New Approach to Hope Health and Healing for Eating
Disorders, Anorexia, Bulima and YES OVEREATING is a Disorder; Chemical
Dependency Treating the Whole Person.

Contact:, 888-771-5166

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